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kakoune v0.1.0

A command-line tool for Kakoune
kakoune cli crystal plugin

Install & Use

Add the following code to your project's shard.yml under:

dependencies to use in production
- OR -
development_dependencies to use in development

  github: alexherbo2/


Installation | Guide | Manual (kcr) is a command-line tool for Kakoune.

It is a great companion to work with projects, multiple files and headless sessions.

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What can I do?
  • Connect applications to Kakoune.
  • Control Kakoune from the command-line.
  • Manage sessions.
  • Write plugins.

Give it a spin: kcr tldr & kcr play.

See what’s new with kcr -V | kcr --version-notes or read the changelog.

How does it work? is based around the concept of contexts, which can be set via the --session and --client options.

For example, the following command will open the file in the main client of the kanto session.

kcr edit --session=kanto --client=main pokemon.json

Most of the time, you don’t need to specify them. connect will forward KAKOUNE_SESSION and KAKOUNE_CLIENT environment variables, which will be used by kcr to run commands in the specified context.

Example – Connect a terminal:

connect terminal

Example – Connect a program:

connect run alacritty



Nightly builds

Download the Nightly builds.

Build from source

Run the following in your terminal:

make install

Kakoune definitions

Add the Kakoune definitions to your kakrc.

evaluate-commands %sh{
  kcr init kakoune