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feron v0.4.0

feron is a CLI tool to get Cloudflare Access logs via Logpull API.
cloudflare access-logs logpull-api cloudflare-logs

Install & Use

Add the following code to your project's shard.yml under:

dependencies to use in production
- OR -
development_dependencies to use in development

  github: anapsix/feron



Tool to retrieve Cloudflare Access logs via LogPull API.


Usage: ./feron [arguments]
    -z ID, --zone-id=ID              Cloudflare Zone ID, defaults to CF_ZONE_ID env value, if present
    -e EMAIL, --auth-email=EMAIL     Cloudflare Auth Email, defaults to CF_AUTH_EMAIL env value, if present
    -k KEY, --auth-key=KEY           Cloudflare Auth Key, defaults to CF_AUTH_KEY env value, if present
    -r RAYID, --rayid=RAYID          RayID to retrieve log event for. When present, percent, count, and start/end time are ignored
    -s PERCENT, --sample=PERCENT     Sample percentage (1% = 0.01), defaults to 0.01
    -c NUM, --count=NUM              Number of log events to retrieve, unset by default
    -f FIELDS, --fields=FIELDS       Comma delimited list of log event fields to include, defaults to whatever API returns by default, set to "all" for all available fields
    --start EPOCH                    Timestamp (inclusive) formatted as UNIX EPOCH, must be no more than 7 days back, defaults to 6 minutes ago
    --end EPOCH                      Timestamp (exclusive) formatted as UNIX EPOCH, must be at least 1 minute old, and later than --start, defaults to 1 minute ago
    --exclude-empty                  Exclude empty log fields, defaults to false
    -h, --help                       Show this help
    -v, --version                    Display version
    -d, --debug                      Enables debug output

NOTE: when -r RAYID, --rayid=RAYID argument is used, --start / --end, --count. and -s PERCENT, --sample=PERCENT are ignored.

Continuously retrieving logs

One can schedule continuous log retrieval, and store them in Elasticsearch for further analysis. Or even deploy such process onto K8s cluster. The get-cloudflare-logs repo includes Docker image, and Helm chart to do just that.


Using Shards

shards build --releases

Compiled binary should be available in ./bin/feron

Locally, for your platform/arch

crystal build -o ./releases/feron ./src/

Everything, including Docker image

When launched on macOS, the following builds binary for Darwin, as well as linux/amd64, placing binaries to ./releases

make all