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kilt v0.6.0

Generic template interface for Crystal

Install & Use

Add the following code to your project's shard.yml under:

dependencies to use in production
- OR -
development_dependencies to use in development

  github: jeromegn/kilt


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Generic templating interface for Crystal.


Simplify developers' lives by abstracting template rendering for multiple template languages.

Supported out of the box

Language File extensions Required libraries Maintainer
ECR .ecr none (part of the stdlib)
Mustache .mustache crustache @MakeNowJust
Slang .slang slang @jeromegn
Temel .temel temel @f
Crikey .crikey crikey @domgetter
Liquid .liquid liquid @docelic
Jbuilder .jbuilder jbuilder @shootingfly
Water .water water @shootingfly

See also: Registering your own template engine.


Add this to your application's shard.yml:

    github: jeromegn/kilt

  # Any other template languages Crystal shard


  • Kilt essentially adds two macros Kilt.embed and Kilt.file, the code is really simple.
  • Add template language dependencies, as listed in the support table above.

Both macros take a filename and a io_name (the latter defaults to "__kilt_io__")


require "kilt"

# For slang, add:
require "kilt/slang"

# With a Class

class YourView
  Kilt.file("path/to/template.ecr") # Adds a to_s method
puts # => <compiled template>

# Embedded

str = Kilt.render "path/to/template.slang"

# or

str = do |__kilt_io__|
  Kilt.embed "path/to/template.slang"

puts str # => <compiled template>

Registering your own template engine

Use Kilt.register_engine(extension, embed_command) macro:

require "kilt"

module MyEngine
  macro embed(filename, io_name)
    # ....

Kilt.register_engine("myeng", MyEngine.embed)

This can be part of your own my-engine library: in this case it should depend on kilt directly, or this could be a part of adapter library, like: kilt-my-engine, which will depend on both kilt and my-engine.


Please contribute your own "adapter" if you create a template language for Crystal that's not yet supported here!

  1. Fork it ( )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-awesome-template-language)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add my-awesome-template-language')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-awesome-template-language)
  5. Create a new Pull Request