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echo v0.1.0

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Install & Use

Add the following code to your project's shard.yml under:

dependencies to use in production
- OR -
development_dependencies to use in development

  github: tanjarinne/echo-crystal



Echo is a service that responds with any header or body you send over, as-is.


This project is intended to be educational, for-research-only and solving a fictional problem, and is not intended to work on any production environment whatsoever as it can potentially leak private information due to its most basic functionality.


Up and running


Configuration Environmental variable Purpose Default
Echo host ECHO_HOST The host Echo will run on
Echo port ECHO_PORT The port Echo will listen to 8018


A Makefile is provided to handle common operations – like running the service.

Target Description Examples
run Run the service
$ make run
Listening on
build Build the binary
$ make build
crystal build -p -t --verbose --error-trace -o echo src/
cc "${@}" -o /home/...
clean Delete the binary
$ make clean

Or rather using crystal binary:

  1. Running:
$ crystal run src/
Listening on
  1. Building a binary:
crystal build src/

Refer to Crystal's documentation for more information and help.


Tanja Álvarez 2018